Wiesbaden Vikings black

The Wiesbaden Vikings are an English/German-speaking ice and inline hockey team located in and around Wiesbaden, Germany.  Many of the players are North Americans or Germans living in the Wiesbaden/Frankfurt area, but the team welcomes players of all nationalities.  During the ice hockey season the Vikings form two teams (Vikings BLACK/Vikings RED) and compete in the Rhein-Main Hockeyliga.  They also play in many tournaments throughout the year, including the Cuddeback Cup (Zweibrucken, Germany), the Armed Forces Alpine Classic (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, German), and the Rockets Cup (Limburg-Diez, Germany).  The Vikings also annually host the Viking Cup over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend at the Henkel Kunsteisbahn in Wiesbaden, Germany.  During the inline season the team competes in the Die Players Liga and the Regionalliga Süd.

Spiele 19/20
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Steve KelczewskiGoalie1021
Ilya DoroschenkoGoalie0010
33Stefan D’AnnaGoalie0000


Thomas RompkeDefense, Forward1132
Denny CrespoDefense, Forward2113
5Tim LampingDefense, Forward1435
7Steve MayForward2032
9Luke RoseForward0010
10Tom ConnellForward5338
11Jason MalakDefense, Forward5237
25Jason RowForward1031
27Alexander MöllerForward2012
31Alex AlthennForward0000
56Alfredo ReyesForward0020
69Eugene OrtliebForward0020
72Jannik PaluschtzikForward2022


Thomas RompkeDefense, Forward1132
Denny CrespoDefense, Forward2113
2Robin LehmannDefense0010
5Tim LampingDefense, Forward1435
11Jason MalakDefense, Forward5237
15Stephen MeyerDefense1021
16Isabelle HennenDefense0020
19Kyle OkpyshDefense2032
21Thomas LångstedtDefense0131
53John JenkinsDefense0000
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